Arabic Poetry


I sat with a group of friends in one of the hottest bars in town. We were drinking and having a good time when a group of amazingly hot women entered the place. Tall, confident and radiant; like they just materialized from the cover of Vogue or Elle. My friends and I were intrigued, and one of them dared me to go invite them to sit with us. You know, the usual I-dare-you friends usually like to do. So, being the stubborn person I am, I accepted.

Slowly, but confidently, I walked towards the model-like women. As I was walking, I was trying to distinguish who was the most beautiful one so I would approach her specifically; but my efforts went in vain: they were all too beautiful which made choosing hard. Therefore, I got rid of that idea and decided to approach all of them. Bold, I know, especially that I am your average person, but it had to be done. I couldn’t back up now, not after being dared by my friends.

“Hello”, was the first word my brain could remember and my mouth uttered. The women smiled and replied with the sweetest, most musical “hi” I have ever heard. For a minute, I felt like I was hearing the voices of the angels of heaven: sweet, soft and with the right tone. I was infatuated instantly. One of them smoothly lifted the glass of the most expensive red wine in the house and slowly drew it closer to her lips, and took a small, lady-like sip. I was in heaven, I tell you!

After a few words, I popped the question: “Would you like to join me and my friends there?” pointing to the bunch of girls sitting on one of the tables close to the bar. The women looked towards our table, then at each other and smiled. For a minute, I was frozen and afraid they might turn me down. My world would shatter! I waited for almost 3 seconds, which felt like 3 years in an awkward, frustrating silence, which was broken by one of the women. “Sure, I will join you.” I cannot begin to express the joy that overtook me. That was my lucky night; I mean, how many times does one encounter such divine beauty AND get to drink with her?

I walked back towards the table of amazed friends with the most beautiful woman God had ever created, proudly. I pulled up a chair for her and waited till she was comfortably seated. All the while in the back of my mind, I was imagining how this evening was going to go and, eventually, end. I must say, I was a little naughty in my mind. But hey! This is only human nature… and the fact that the woman was simply gorgeous.

The night was going well and the discussions too. I was the luckiest gal in that bar that night; all eyes were on us and I was sure every man – and woman – was eaten up with jealousy. Whereas I held my head up high and enjoyed it all. At one point during our conversation, I threw in the usual “what do you do for a living” question. The reply came back very simple: “I work in a bar, where I sit with customers, drink and then go home. I’m an escort”. The words feel on my ears like thinder. An ESCORT?!! And here we are, having the most expensive red wine in the house! I had to run away; I had to make an escape for my life! I screamed for the check at the top of my lungs, causing a scene. The woman was shocked at my behavior and could not understand what had just happened. But it did not matter to me; I HAD to get out of that place, otherwise I would spend at least a month cleaning the dishes and glasses in return.

The check was brought to us by this waiter with a fake grin on his face, as if he had known that I was not carrying enough cash on me to pay the bill, and imagining the consequence. I should thank God my friends were there to pitch in. The next time I go out, I will make sure I won’t invite a complete, gorgeous stranger to join me for a drink.

Me and my naughty mind… pffft!


The above is a real story.

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