English Poetry

A Broken Knight


Once more the words are broken,
And Silence, in all its majesty, rules;
Now I have become the beggar
When once I was drowned in jewels…

A white Arabian horse I rode,
A knight in every way;
Strength and confidence my allies,
There was no going astray…

My mare ran freely with the wind,
Dust blurred the morning sun;
And I, in certainty, believed
That my will would be done…

My robe was red with golden rays,
My crown a thousand gems endowed;
Fiercely charming and independent,
Oh was I so proud!

Many a village I had crossed,
Long roads I paved along the way;
Though lonely a knight I was,
I left my mark on each new day…

A pact I made, one unholy,
With a mysterious white goddess;
Her promises befell my ears,
And soothed my soul with kindness…

She appeared to me in a lonely dream
On a cold September eve;
Beauty could not compare to her splendor,
Another, for certain, I could not conceive…

For her I fought the forbidden battle,
Awaiting the promised victory;
So sure I was to triumph,
But my reward was none but misery…

I went to war, with all my might,
A sword, an armor and hope my friends;
I went to war, one out of sight,
A crusade that came to a bitter end…

Now I lie in ruins and debt,
My dues to pay I must;
My glorious days have all vanished:
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

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