Short Stories


* “Why do you think it’s impossible?”
– “Because I know.”
* “How?”
– “Oh, come on! It’s obvious; can’t you see?”
* “See what?”
– “That she doesn’t feel the same.”
* “I beg to differ. I have seen how she is when she is around you; and from where I stand, it’s clear that she does.”
– “Oh, but you’re wrong.”
* “How so?”
– “Listen, let me ask you this: how long have you known her for?”
* “I’m guessing for as long as you have known her.”
– “Exactly!”
* “What’s that supposed to mean?”
– “It means that you haven’t known her for that long.”
* “And you have?”
– “Yes.”
* “You’re so full of yourself, you know that? How can you possibly know her better than I do when we’ve both known her the same time?”
– “But I do!”
* “There you go again…”
– “I do, and I’ll prove it.”
* “Be my guest.”
– “How many times have you gotten in touch with her?”
* “Quite a few times really, especially recently.”
– “And have you spent time with her?”
* “I can’t say I did, no.”
– “See? Although we’ve both known her for the same amount of time, I know her better cause she does spend time with me.”
* “I guess you have a point.”
– “I know I do.”
* “But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.”
– “But it is!”
* “Why are you being so stubborn about this?”
– “Because I know and am sure of it.”
* “Would you stop? I’ve seen how she looks at you and I’ve heard the things she said while I served her.”
– “Means absolutely nothing.”
* “How can you say that? Can’t you see she’s got something for you?”
– “I never said she didn’t.”
* “Then what? I don’t understand you; you’re weird.”
– “I’m not weird. I’m unique.”
* “Call it whatever you want, I still don’t understand you.”
– “Listen, I’ll explain although I don’t think it is hard to comprehend.”
* “Enlighten me.”
– “Quit your sarcasm and I will.”
* “Whatever!”
– “For starters, I never said that she didn’t have feelings for me; I know she does. But those feelings she has are not the same. See? When she and I first met, she was intrigued. I am dark and strong and she was attracted to me. I have to say, I think she’s out of this world.”
* “I know all this and that’s why…”
– “Don’t interrupt me and just listen. She and I started hanging out and spent time together. We got to know each other. That’s how I know she doesn’t feel the same.”
* “How so?”
– “Simple. I was something new to her; something she wasn’t used to having. True, she knew my kind but she was never interested. That is until she met me. I am different. At first, she probably thought that I was like all the rest; some sort of a one-timer. She probably even expected me to be like that. And maybe that was what she was looking for, too. But as she spent more time with me and got to know me, her expectations and the image she had of me changed. She found out that I am strong and serious, and that I don’t fool around. True, she somehow developed a ‘taste’ for me and comes to me every now and then, but she doesn’t feel the same.”
* “You do realize that you just contradicted yourself, right?”
– “Did I?”
* “Yes. You just told me that she’d developed a ‘taste’ for you.”
– “She did.”
* “So why do you still insist that she doesn’t feel the same?”
– “Oh, my dear life-long friend, don’t you see? I am a cup of black coffee. Yes, she has developed a taste for me, but she still prefers tea.”
A conversation between a coffee pot and a mug.

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