English Poetry

Farewell.. Adieu…

So many words said,
So much more left unspoken;
Those feelings inside remain
A mysterious curse unbroken…

The few encounters,
The fewer goodbyes,
With each handshake
A part of me slowly dies…

And I come back again
For yet once more;
Oh do I strive to have
My sweet, prohibited encore…

The image is distorted,
A reality that does not exist;
It is only the mirage I perceive,
It is only that which persists…

Silent voices in my head,
Within the heart an aching,
For the angel of white,
For a dream in the making…

The end is drawing near,
Darkness is slowly falling;
Far from the other world
I hear the spirits calling…

One last time now,
Another goodbye is due;
Silently disappearing in the crowd,
Farewell… adieu…

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