English Poetry

From A Rat’s Pint of View


A rat I am, I must admit,
White, fluffy and full;
A rat I am, this much is clear
My existence is not so dull…

The house I’m in has no doors or windows
But vertical bars of steel,
To keep the air flowing through my lungs
And this is such a big deal…

My value to some may not be much
But to my owner I am gold,
For without me he is clueless,
But I the mysteries unfold…

I may seem a little useless,
Running round and round all day,
But it is through me that healing comes
Humbly speaking, I dare say…

Many a time, I am stung with needles,
At times I am cut inside out,
Thank goodness I haven’t gotten that far,
The pain might make me shout…

I do not argue or make a fuss,
I am simply deaf and dumb,
I know the pain will be bestowed upon me
Alas! I am a tab bit dumb…

The world is big and I am small
Oh so small and little,
The world is sweet as sweet can be
It is I who is always bitter…

It might be ‘cause, many a time
I am put under the knife;
Or maybe ‘cause it is priceless to me
My short and useless life…

Whichever it is, whatever it may be
I know the truth be told:
I am but simply a rat,
Without me you will be ‘cold’…

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