Short Stories

Into The Blue

It was ten past eight; the night had just set in to cover the world with a blanket of darkness. Flickering lights appeared from the distance through my window which overlooked Beirut. It was calm – the silence was thicker than usual but could cut through like a sharp knife. The demons in my head, on the other hand, were loud and noisy, and I had to silence them. I sat in bed – white boxer shorts with red heart prints and a plain white t-shirt. I lit a cigarette, and, for a moment, got lost in the white smoke that formed a small cloud inside my room. It was my failing attempt to shut those demons up; they seemed to have been set free to tamper with my sanity. So I grabbed the book that had been sitting on the bedside table for a few weeks and wondered what the pages held within.

“Into The Blue”; the title did not suggest much, but the cover design was intriguing – black and white silhouettes of what seemed like two people. One could not tell what gender they were, and I must admit it was precisely that which had triggered my curiosity into wanting to read that book. I flipped the first few pages; I was not interested in the dedication.

“…She appeared from within the crowd, wearing a smile on her face, and walking straight towards me with ease, as though what seemed like a sea of a thousand men and women was non-existent. Her eyes were fixed on mine. I felt a little embarrassed; I was always a confident person, but her eyes – her tiger eyes – had a charm that was able to melt my poise. I was not sure what her intentions – or plans for that matter – were, and I froze as she got closer. My heart started racing, my palms sweating and my breathing became heavy as I struggled to conceal my anxiety.

She took my hand into hers and smoothly put the other one around my waist, pulled me closer till I could feel the warmth of her body, and started moving me to the remixed beats of Miss Independent. She seemed to have known that it was my favorite song. And I danced with her, our bodies so close that I could feel her breathing on my neck. She then pulled me away from her, her hand still in mine, and – in a smooth move – turned me around and pulled me back to her, my back jammed tightly against her breasts, and her lips teasingly caressing my neck. Shivers ran through my spine like thunder; my knees became weak, my hands sweatier, my heart pounding inside my chest, and my temperature flew sky high. And she was aware of it; she put her right hand on my face, leaned over, and almost planted a kiss on my lips. But instead, she looked me straight in the eye, smiled and moved her face away. Oh the torment she put me in!

For the very first time, I let myself go into the seduction and tore down my own defenses. I wanted to beg her to take me away – to use her magical powers to make us disappear and transport us somewhere where we could be alone, naked and wet. I wanted to taste her wholly; touch the softness of her curves; suck the firmness of her nipples; and lick her honey. I wanted to hear her moan as I showed her heaven. I closed my eyes and – as we continued dancing close – imagined all the things I could do to her.

I opened my eyes to find her standing still facing me, with a sly look on her face. The song had ended, and so did our dance. She smiled and walked away, leaving me in the infatuated state I was in. And she knew exactly what she had done; for she was the beautiful predator and I was the smitten prey.”

Quarter past midnight; I put down the book after I had marked the page, slipped under the covers, and turned off the light. Falling asleep was going to be rather difficult after this reading.

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