English Poetry

Invasion of Silence

Hush… hush…
Silence once more;
Shower me with unvoiced words;
Ones which the ears adore…

Hush… hush…
Galling whispers in my ears;
Slowly embracing my pain,
Quickly augmenting my fears…

In the stillness of our breathing,
A thousand mysteries unfold;
In those eyes of hazel I see
A winter gloomy and cold…

A dream of the impossible,
Shattered, broken and torn;
Unattainable imagery of one,
One thus still unborn…

The truth is unraveled,
And secrets are revealed;
What once was unknown
Will no longer be concealed…

Dying is the spark,
Dwindling is the fire;
Remains of a story
Of lust and desire…

Hush now I see the truth
And the truth has set me free;
I can taste freedom,
In all its majesty…

A fool I was,
And might still be;
But not for too long,
Only momentarily…

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