English Poetry

Oh Deep Blue Sea


Oh deep blue sea
Bury my secrets, all but one;
Oh deep blue sea
Drown them in, like the setting sun…

Oh deep blue sea
Brushing ashore so gently,
This is my story
Listen to it intently….

It all commenced
With the first hours of night,
The moon high above,
Stars were shining bright…

And she appeared,
An angel God-sent;
White, pure and holy,
One to whom all knees bent…

Sweet as the summer breeze,
A sight for sore eyes;
Possessed superb qualities,
Both beautiful and wise…

She talked to me endlessly,
Of God and of the light;
Spoke of heaven, portrayed hell;
Things that were out of sight…

The declarations she made
Took me into a trance,
Deep down inside
I was given another chance…

Oh deep blue sea
She turned my winters into spring,
Filled my heart with hope,
One onto which I could cling…

We met every night,
My angel and I,
Left this world of misery
Flew away so high…

A traveler I was,
She was my guide;
Close to my bosom,
Never left my side…

But lonely I was
On All Hollow’s eve,
My angel departed
And I was left to grieve…

The words that were spoken
Vanished into thin air,
Like the smoke from a cigarette
And the empty, blank stare…

So talk to me not
Of a world that might have been;
Tell me the truth,
Tattoo it onto my skin…

Oh deep blue sea
Carry my heart into your hands;
Set the prisoner within free,
Take me to distant lands…

Oh deep blue sea
Bury my secrets, all but this:
No longer do I dream,
‘Tis my angel I so miss…

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