Short Stories

She Touched Herself


It was close to three in the morning; the shadows from the street lights were dancing on the walls of her room, and she was enjoying the show. She hadn’t turned on the bedside lamp because her eyes were, after that night, bloodshot and stinging, and the darkness of the room brought comfort.

She slid quietly under the white covers of her queen-size bed, wearing nothing but her boy shorts and a loose tank top. She closed her eyes, trying to bring herself to fall asleep, but it was a failing endeavor. She tossed and turned, those images repeatedly playing in her mind so vividly; and with every image, the feelings rushed through her body like molten lava. The fire consumed her very being, burning her very insides. She tried to distract herself with the lyrics of a song – any song – but the scenes kept fighting their way in till she lost the will to fight back. Finally, she gave in and slid her hand slowly under her boy shorts. She made her way through the newly grown bush and towards her clitoris. Her finger gently caressed her lips and a lightning of arousal hit her swiftly.

She had been touched earlier that night; she had ridden the horse of ecstasy. But her body was not satisfied. It wanted more; a different kind of ecstasy, a different kind of ride. She longed for the roller coaster thrill, the excitement of both the sensuality and the roughness.

Her fingers continued to caress her clitoris, while her other hand started to feel her body. Her nipples were firm and ready to be devoured gently. She closed her eyes and played images from another life in her mind, her right hand diving deeper and faster into her abyss – at times rushing the arousal only to slow it down in order to tease herself. She could feel her own wetness as her slippery finger continued to caress her clitoris. Her left hand was now firm on her nipple, squeezing it like she used to. Her body started to spasm as she continued to fondle her private parts. And she was enjoying the feeling.

It was all external; her fingers wet and her pussy pounding, begging for more. She went faster, in her mind playing images of her tongue licking its way around her pussy. It was the best pleasure she had ever felt. Her breath became stronger, faster and heavier, and her heart bombing inside her chest. She was starting to lose breath but she would not stop; she was adamant at reliving the high. She was burning to cum, wishing she was there with her, right there and then, with her head between her thighs. The images she played in her mind helped, and she rubbed herself faster, fueling her excitement by feeling her own wetness soak her hand. Her body shook with a hard spasm and, with a deep moan, she climaxed. She slowly retreated her right hand from the abyss and rested it on her bush. She was now ready to sleep.

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