English Poetry

Sweet Surrender

Sweet surrender,
My soul I would give;
One last time
Forever to live…

Whispers in my ear
Soft, gentle, low;
Shivers through my spine,
Rock my world so slow…

Tossing and turning,
Emotions running wild;
Trying to rid myself
Of this distant, inner child…

Sadness in her eyes,
Clear as the morning sun;
Pain in her heart
For a lover gone…

A smile she wears,
Her way to conceal;
The loneliness inside,
She will never reveal…

The stillness resounds
So high and loud;
Echoes of solitude
To which we are bound…

It’s a race against time,
Against the world as well;
Trying to hold a star,
Torn between heaven and hell…

In a dungeon of stolen moments,
Of pictures, black and white;
Hoping for freedom
Fighting with all our might…

To find the answer,
The final conclusion:
Was it a reality?
Ot just an illusion?

I beseech you to hear
The words unspoken;
The promises made
Are now all broken…

Bound to the veracity,
One harsh and cold;
Bitter and lonely,
And ages old…

The final chapter is closed,
The end it persists;
Butterfly kisses
No longer exist…

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