Short Stories

The Figure in the Dark


She sat on the rocking chair on the front porch of her house by the ocean. The dream house they had always dreamt of one day owning has become a reality; but that reality was hers alone. One in which all the dreams of the past were made real for one. She had made sure that every detail they had envisioned together materialized into the cottage-style duplex by the ocean, with the large windows and the wide front porch they had designed with their words.

It was a warm summer night; the moon’s white light was radiating on the waves as they lazily brushed ashore. There were no clouds in sight, and the sky looked a though a million fireworks had taken place somewhere far, far away but somehow froze in time. The memories that played in her mind felt the same; a million and one bitter-sweet memories that exploded simultaneously, creating images on the barren shore that stretched in front of her.

On the table beside her stood a bottle of whiskey and a glass half-full of the same spirit. Whiskey had always been her liquor of choice. And although she had, for a while, switched to red wine, she knew that nothing could ever replace the smoothness of a good scotch. She reached out to the pack of cigarettes that lay near the glass and, robot-like, pulled out one and lit it. A cloud of white smoke formed in front of her eyes, drawing pictures in the void of the night.

She had grown accustomed to the sound of the silence that surrounded her each night, and was comfortable with it. But tonight, something was different; the silence was one she did not know and it was growing louder each passing minute. She took a sip of whiskey, trying to brush off the feelings of unease to no avail. She was restless; at one point she felt the urge to go inside and lock the doors and windows, but she remained on the rocking chair. Suddenly, she heard a cracking noise coming from behind the rocks. She put down her drink and listened attentively, trying to make sense of what she had just heard. There was silence again, but it was different from the silence she knew. She stood up, looked into the darkness that encompassed the beach. From behind the rocks, a white figured approached. She froze.

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