English Poetry

The Temptress

I opened my eyes only to behold,
The chains to which I am bound;
Rusty, old and heavy,
Fastened tightly to the ground…

In an ancient dungeon I lie,
Amidst the ruins and decay;
Amongst harsh bricks and stones,
And no sight of the light of day…

Weighed down and burdened,
Images rushed before my eyes;
Memories of that fateful day,
When all, but I, was a disguise…

A chalice filled with blood-red wine,
A venom so bitter and sweet;
A temptress with eyes divine,
Wrapped in a silk white sheet…

A vision blurred and uncertain,
An angel I swore I could perceive;
Little did I know at the time
Her beauty was worn to deceive…

Only a fool I was,
And this I know so well;
Now I am chained to my fate,
Awaiting my inexorable hell…

My arrogance had blinded me,
Drowned me in my weakness;
I was seduced by a temptress,
Murdered by her sweetness…

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