English Poetry

Oh Deep Blue Sea – II


Oh deep blue sea,
Here I come to you again;
Oh blue, blue sea,
I know not where to begin…

I have uncovered secrets,
Ones old as time;
Though I cannot verbalize,
I can merely mime…

A stage it was
With lights all around;
A beautifully decorated setting
And a thousand enchanting sounds…

And in the spotlight
Stood my angel of white,
Dressed in rainbow ornaments,
Oh was she shining bright…

But a single teardrop ran down her cheek,
A heavy sigh she exhaled;
With a laden heart and open arms
The sorrow and pain she inhaled…

That single teardrop
Splashed onto the floor,
Transforming into a river,
To her soul a hidden door…

That single teardrop
Of memories of old;
That single teardrop,
A story still untold…

Oh deep blue sea,
Take these words and hide them well;
For I dare not declare the truth,
One not mine to tell…

Oh deep blue sea,
One last time carry my heart;
Oh deep blue sea,
In silence now her soul departs…

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