English Poetry

Oh Deep Blue Sea – II

Oh deep blue sea, Here I come to you again; Oh blue, blue sea, I know not where to begin… I have uncovered secrets, Ones old as time; Though I cannot verbalize, I can merely mime… A stage it was With lights all around; A beautifully decorated setting And a thousand enchanting sounds… And in… Continue reading Oh Deep Blue Sea – II

English Poetry

Oh Deep Blue Sea

Oh deep blue sea Bury my secrets, all but one; Oh deep blue sea Drown them in, like the setting sun… Oh deep blue sea Brushing ashore so gently, This is my story Listen to it intently…. It all commenced With the first hours of night, The moon high above, Stars were shining bright… And… Continue reading Oh Deep Blue Sea


Keep up with the trend, dude!

What is a trend? The definition of trend (according to dictionary.com) is: "The general course or prevailing tendency". Here's a story for you that I have been hearing a lot lately, from several friends. Real-life events of ordinary people, just like me and you. The names and genders - as well as sexual orientations -… Continue reading Keep up with the trend, dude!